TS Warspite was owned by The Marine Society. Originally moored at Woolwich, she was accidently destroyed by fire in 1876. Another ship, HMS Conquerer was obtained from the Royal Navy and it was this ship, renamed Warspite that came to Greenhithe. Her moorings were downstream from Arethusa off from Charles Street. In 1918 by an act of arson by three boys protesting about conditions, she was also destroyed by fire. They'd already had one attempt foiled during the day but suceeded after lights out. In 1922 The Marine Society obtained yet another ship, HMS Hermione, a victorian cruiser and moored her off Greenhithe as Warspite. She lasted about ten years but was moved several times as she was obstructing Everard's ships and was finally moved to Grays, Essex until she was broken up for the war effort in 1940. TS Arethusa was the second training ship off Greenhithe. The first was TS Chichester in the late 1860's. Both ships were run by Shaftsbury Homes for homeless and destitute boys of good character. TS Chichester left in the mid 1870's to be replaced by the Arethusa. After Chichester left, a small sailing craft, also named Chichester, was purchased for the establishment to teach the boys how to sail. If you look at some of the earlier pictures, you can see painted on the side: Arethusa and Chichester. The Arethusa was the last Royal Navy ship to go into battle under sail alone, during the Crimean War. In the early 1860's she was cut in half, lengthened and had a steam screw fitted.  She finally left Greenhithe in 1934 for the breakers yard as her condition was rapidly deteriorating.



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