It appears that F T Everard & Sons first issued postcards in the late 1930's. The two trade cards date from this time. The art cards seem to have started to appear at about this time also but with different artists. The cards were rather haphazard in size which seems to suggest that they were probably issued piecemeal. Soon after the end of WW2 the artist Frank H Mason was engaged to paint pictures of Everard vessels. Early Mason's are again, as with the previous issues, haphazard in size and were probably issued randomly. They're also quite difficult to find in good condition as they're too big to fit dealers boxes. I can't put a hard and fast date to it, but it would appear to be in the 1950's that the Mason's started to be issued in series and in larger numbers with uniformity of size. Mason's output is phenominal, my collection alone contains nearly 90 of his pictures. Add to this the books he was illustrating, the other shipping companies he was painting for, the posters for railways etc etc and you can see he was a very busy man. I've tried to place the cards in the sort of order I think they were probably issued and have numbered the issues on the card description, issue 1, issue 2 etc.  



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