Welcome to my website!
 I have launched this website as a means of displaying my postcard collections so that other collectors or historians can view a large selection of pictures
 from a bygone age. It's totally non profit making and is meant purely for research and enjoyment. The majority of the pictures are genuine postcards or
 original photographs. There are a few copies that have been donated to the site or were my dad's. I have tried where possible to contact copyright holders
 for permission, but if I have images that potential copyright holders object to, they will be removed immediately. I've included limited historical information with the pictures, but if more information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me at:-

Each specific page listed on the left above has a selection of pictures within it. Just click to view the pictures. If there are sub-pages to a section, these will appear when you hover the mouse over the page. Click a sub-page to navigate to a specific area required, but remember that each main page also has pictures.

Although my main collections are postcards of Greenhithe and the surrounding areas, I also collect postcards of the training ships that were moored off Greenhithe; HMS Worcester, TS Warspite, TS Arethusa and the first of them all, TS Chichester, F T Everard company issues, Faversham (primarily The Creek, where I was born) and the Swanley/Hextable area. Quite a large selection of each have been downloaded. I'm a bit restricted for text on some of the pages so I've decided to remove the publishing credits from the picture descriptions. I think acknowledging the work of the photographers and publishers is important today for the wealth of material that is around from past times that modern-day collectors and researchers still find fascinating; so at the start of each page I'll list publishers numerically and anotate each picture with :- Publisher 1 etc.                                                  
On the 'New' page I'll put all my new pictures in so frequent site visitors won't have to trawl through the various pages to find something new. I'll leave them there for about a month then will transfer them to their correct page. I've also added a links page. As people contact me through other websites, I'll add their web address. They're interesting and some of the pictures are wonderful. 
If you have enjoyed the pictures or if they have evoked a memory, why not leave a comment in the Guest Book? All  comments are gratefully received.

Should any visitors have old postcards or original photographs of the areas within my own collections that they wish to part with, I'll be very happy to view them, and if wanted, make a very good offer. I pay collectors prices, not dealers! Please contact me via my e-mail address. Thank you.
To save space for future pages, I have moved the Links page into the Guest Book. Just hover on The Guest Book and the Links page will appear.

I do apologise for not updating this site for over a year, but I'm having a few problems with it and can't arrange pictures in a topographical or chronological order at the moment. I'll just have to add them at the end of each page until I can sort it out. I'll be putting quite a few on over the next few weeks into the New Pictures page.  

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